A lot of customers have concerns about the domestic waste & garbage management through residential skip bin service provided by Flehan’s. The concerns vary from when the skips will arrive, how long can the customers keep a skip, the payment methods etc.

Flehan Skips answers all your worries under the contact tab, and our frequently asked questions have all the concerns listed with helpful answers. This affordable skip bins Adelaide service is provided all across Adelaide and delivered as per the bookings. The booked & confirmed skips are always delivered on time but it may be impacted due to unforeseen weather or traffic conditions.

Most people choose to pay online using our booking and card payment system, but cash and card payments made on delivery is also available for those who prefer.

Looking for food waste disposal? Some people have asked if Flehan Skips also offers this service, but we do not currently provide for food waste disposal. If you’re looking for an economical residential skip bin hire service, Flehan Skips are the best choice. Book your Skip Bins with us now!