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How to Choose the Right Size Skip Bin

Our skip bins range from 2 cubic metres up to 9 cubic metres, and choosing the right size can be daunting if you’re not quite sure what you need. Use our handy guide, or contact us to discuss, and we’ll make sure you get the right skip to suit your needs. 

Skip Bins for Industrial Waste

Choosing the right size skip bins for your industrial needs can be a bit tricky, since your  required size could vary anywhere between 2 and 25 cubic metres and industrial waste usually includes large volumes of heavy materials. 

Whilst our range of skips only go up to 9 cubic metres, we can arrange to remove and replace full skips as necessary to suit your needs on big projects. Just give us a call to discuss on 1800 577 507

Skip Bins for Gardening and Green Waste

If your garden or backyard is filled with trees, grass and vegetation, green waste can easily accumulate. For simple garden waste such as that, the ideal size skip would be between 2 and 4 cubic metres. If you have a bigger project that includes soil, rocks or other gardening paraphernalia in the mix, you may need something a little bigger, depending on the size of your project. Get in touch and we can help you decide which sized skip will suit your needs best. 

Skip Bins for Household and other Miscellaneous Waste

For your household waste and other miscellaneous rubbish, you may only need something in the range of a 2 to 4 cubic metre skip, but if you are undertaking a building, renovation or substantial landscaping project, your load may include heavy construction materials, like chunks of ceramic tiles, concrete, clay, and other solid waste and debris, we’d recommend our larger skips between 6 to 9 cubic metres. 

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