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To book a bin Adelaide, you’ll enter details such as postal code to identify your location and whether Flehan completes services around your part of town. The post code is also important to locate your address for a smoother delivery process and better communication.

Next comes the type of waste you need your skip for. The waste can be categorized into Household Waste, Scrap Metal, Green Waste, Mixed Waste, Construction Waste like bricks/soil, Mixed Heavy Waste etc. These categories are further subdivided into mini categories based on your waste in order to allow for the perfect bin for you.

Another category is for Bin Sizes where most people prefer mini skip bin adelaide for Household Waste, but these bin sizes vary as per your choice. The bin sizes range from 2 cubic meters up to 9 cubic meters, which can be selected based on the nature and volume of your waste. You can also book skip bin for mattresses and tyres. 

It’s also important to confirm the date you need the skip bin right from the get-go in the delivery date and the pickup/return date – but if there are any issues and something changes after you’ve made your order, please contact us and we will be able to make the necessary changes you need. 

While booking skip bin hire online, make sure to update the correct address along with the correct payment method. The delivery instructions can also be made on the form before submitting.